Borbély Műhely / the Mihály Borbély Quartet jazz club on every first Tuesday of the month in Szentendre

The ’Barlang’ club located in the Dunaparti Culture Centre is an ideal place combining the jazzy feeling with a homely atmosphere. Throughout the club’s one and a half decade long carrier it has served as a second home for the band. Their growing audience seems to be enjoying their experimental shows, the premieres of the new tunes and the unforgottable jam sessions including their guest artists, who play a really important role at these events. In the past few years they have had the privilige to welcome the creme of the hungarian jazz scene at their concerts, including up and coming musicians and well-known, cutting-edge artists.

The series of concerts was supported by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.

Mihály Borbély – saxophone
Áron Tálas – piano
Balázs Horváth – bass
Hunor G. Szabó – drums

Concerts of the 2019/20 season:
01/10  Borbély Műhely- concert
05/11  Guest: Balázs Pecze (trumpet)
10/12  Borbély Műhely
Guest: Eastern Boundary Quartet
07/01  New Year Concert
04/ 02 Carneval Season Concert
03/03. Guest: Petra Várallyai (violin)
07/04 Guest: Tamás Ludányi (saxophone)
07/05 Season Closing Concert & jam session

Dunakorzó út 11/a, Dunaparti Művelődési Ház, Szentendre

Ticket: 1000.- Ft
Tickets are available right before the concert at jazz club.